Presto - The platform for quantum technologies

Presto is our 9 GHz platform for high frequency signal generation and analysis, aimed at emerging applications in quantum technology.


  • RF arbitrary waveform generator
  • RF sampling
  • Template matching and template demodulation
  • Quantum Event Organizer
  • Multifrequency Lockin Amplifier
  • Up to 16 RF output and 16 RF inputs
  • Digital ports for syncronization / experiment control
  • Direct digital synthesis up to 9 GHz

Applications include:

  • Qubit control and readout
  • Test and measurement
  • Physics research

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  • Fast and flexible. It can implement any qubit-cavity measurement we thought of and the guys at IMP are constantly improving it. They are always open for suggestions and quick to answer any questions we might have. I give them 10/10!

    — Marina Kudra, PhD student, Chalmers University of Technology

Arbitrary pulses

Up to 32 templates per port with 500 ps resolution

Quantum Event Organizer

Place pulses, readout and feedback on a 2 ns event grid


Continuous wave modulation and demodulation with up to 192 simultaneous frequencies

IQ modulation / demodulation

Pair-wise length matched outputs with DC-bias tuning, perfect for driving external IQ-mixers.


8-16 analog input and 8-16 analog output channels, 4 digital outputs and inputs for markers / triggers to other equipment.

Template matching

Match incoming pulses to stored templates to trigger events

Very fast

Presto, means quick or very fast in Italian. All our RF measurement systems are named after tempo used in music, and Presto typically denotes the fastest tempo an orchestra will play. While in music this means up to 170 BPM, or around 2-3 Hz, our Presto operates at up to 9 GHz, enough to perform many measurements without the use of any additional external mixers or local oscillators.

Pulse sequencer & Quantum Event Organizer

Control pulse based measurements with sub nanosecond resolution using the Quantum Event Organizer™. Each event cues the start of output pulses or input analysis. Output pulses are constructed from pre-stored templates that can be amplitude-scaled, time-stretched, looped, or multiplied with a carrier tone, with each operation controlled at run-time. Input signals are sampled and matched with a pre-stored templates, allowing for conditional triggering of new events with as little as than 200 ns latency.

  • 2 ns event resolution.
  • 16 templates per port, up to 1 us, 250 ps resolution.
  • Applications: Ramsey, Rabi, qubit readout, qubit reset etc.

Continuous wave

Operate Presto as a multifrequency lock-in amplifier. Digital mixers up and down covert the measurement band with a Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO), giving perfect IQ modulation/demodulation of signals up to 9GHz, with no analog mixers and zero NCO leakage.

  • 192 generators with programmable frequency, amplitude and phase.
  • 192 demodulators with programmable frequency and phase.
  • All modulators locked to single internal or external reference clock.
  • Direct mode opration: DC to 1000 MHz.
  • Mixed mode operation: Up to ±500 MHz band around selectable digital carrier.

Controlled by you

  • Based on Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC hardware.
  • Powered by Intermodulation Products' firmware.
  • Controlled by you through a simple Python API.

Specification sheet

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