Vivace - The platform for quantum technologies

Vivace is a new platform for high frequency signal generation and analysis up to 4 GHz, aimed at emerging quantum technologies and more. With 8 RF input ports, 8 RF output ports and 4 each of additional digital inputs and outputs it is a highly flexible hardware platform for your next high frequency experiment. Operate either in continuous wave mode as a microwave big-brother to our multifrequency lockin amplifier or in pulse sequencing mode, a new take on arbitrary waveform generation perfect for qubit control and readout.

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Fast and lively

Vivace /viˈvɑ tʃɛ/ is italian for fast and lively and is one of the terms used to denote musical tempo. We see a lot of analogies between music and the theories of how to perform well designed measurements. For multifrequency lockin measurements we rely heavily on tuning frequencies to allow each tone be measured correctly, just like in an orchestra one must tune each instrument to the same key for the music harmonize. Furthermore one of the earliest observations of intermodulation products is the Tartini Tone after Italian violinist Giuseppe Tartini, and finally our new event-based pulse sequencer (see below) makes setting up the measurement almost like composing a symphony.

We therefor find the name highly appropriate, even though it operates at a billion times faster than the 156-176 bpm which the term vivace typically denotes.

Pulse sequencer & Quantum Event Organizer

Control your pulse based measurements with sub nanosecond resolution using the Quantum Event Organizer™. At each event one or more pulses can be output based on pre-stored tamplates, carrier amplitude or frequency can be changed, input signals can be sampled or tamplate matching can be used in input signal to trigger new events.

  • 16 different templates per port
  • 1 us long, 250 ps sampling resolution
  • 2 ns event resolution
  • optionally mix template with carrier tone
  • Applications: Ramsey, Rabi, qubit readout, qubit reset etc.

Continuous wave

Operate Vivace as a 500 MHz bandwidth Multifrequency Lockin Amplifier

  • 32 frequencies
  • 32 drive amplitudes and phases on each output (8x32)
  • 32 measured amplitudes and phases for each input (8x32)
  • Direct mode: 10 MHz to 500 MHz
  • Mixed mode: ±250 MHZ band around carrier up to 4 GHz
  • Using all the tuning and synchronization technology developed for MLA-3 for a perfect multifrequency measurement

Controlled by you

  • Based on Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC
  • Powered by Intermodulation Products' firmware
  • Controlled by you using a simple Python API

Specification sheet

Contact with any questions about how Vivace might work in your experiment. See specsheet for key technical figures of merrit.

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